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Should I be concerned if my child is a vegetarian?

Children can tend to be somewhat picky eaters especially at young ages and it can pose some obstacles when dining out and even at home. Typically little ones choose to not consume foods that are good for you because those are commonly the ones that don’t contain any sugars or even look satisfying to eat. Many parents find themselves struggling with their children’s eating habits and even need detailed advice when they seek the doctor’s help asking “my child is a vegetarian, what can I do?” Vegetarian diets have become extremely popular over the past decade and that is with the demand of organic products and lifestyles also gaining many fans.

When your child is a vegan it truly poses no concern to the parents as image 1 Should I be concerned if my child is a vegetarian?far as health benefits and development are concerned. The food companies have designed so many alternatives to regular foods that children can still get all the nutrients and vitamins they need by eating this way. Many vegans have healthier diets and typically do not gain excess weight due to the lack of fat and junk foods they consume. They choose raw foods more often, and typically eat more vegetables and fruits than children that are not vegetarians which is a huge plus in choosing this lifestyle.

In prior years it was difficult to find sufficient meal choices when dining out for vegans, especially for children. Recently dining establishments have been striving to accommodate such preferences offering many grilled and steamed dishes with poultry and meat substitutes. Many children that are vegetarians still consume dairy products versus the full fledged vegans who choose not to consume any product that came from an animal which would include all dairy options as well. One of the main concerns parents of vegan children have is if their child is getting enough protein in their diets and thankfully there are so many choices for substitutes that the little ones enjoy eating that it makes it less of a challenge. Parents can opt to purchase tofu and provide their children with protein alternatives such as nuts and other vegetarian turkeys, hams and burgers.

Having a child that chooses to eat this way when the rest of family does not can certainly require additional effort from the parent for grocery shopping and meal preparation. Some families elect to switch everyone’s eating habits to suit one or two vegans living in the home just to make it simpler on a daily basis. If your child is a vegan but doesn’t like the taste of the alternatives that are available it may be best if you consult with a nutritionist to formulate a list of options for the child to choose from so they still consume enough calories and foods they need for proper development. Becoming a vegan takes effort to not eat what is available at certain events and even at home sometimes, but it appears to be a life change that many are making to stay healthy and steer clear of preservatives and additional calories. If your child becomes a vegan and it poses any concerns, feel free to have your pediatrician address those for you and typically it doesn’t pose a threat to their health in any way.

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