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Should you pay when your child does chores?

It truly is somewhat of a challenge to be a child in this day and age and have the independence to afford contributing to their own transportation and obtain funds to go out with their friends. While parents may desire to encourage their kids to be more financially responsible, at the same time they have to grasp that a child that is a full time student and a minor cannot bring in an large amount of money working a part time job after school or on the weekends. This poses the common thought of should you pay when your child does chores or not, and the answer to that will of course vary from household to household.image 18 Should you pay when your child does chores?

Paying your children to complete chores or household tasks is an effective method to teach your child how to earn money by working for it. In turn, when your child has to earn their spending money they are more frugal with what they purchase and they also have a better appreciation for the value of a dollar, which is a precious life lesson for every child to learn. Many parents feel that if they request their child to do chores that it is their responsibility to simply complete them without any reward system in place. While that is the parental preference in some households, it still results in your children requesting money every time they walk out the door.

The amount of money you wish to provide for the chores to be completed by your child is up to you as well as what the chores will consist of. Be reasonable and fair when you establish the rates for each chore and have your child review them so they are aware of what is expected of them in order to be rewarded. It is best to draw up a list of the chores the child can select from at random to complete or set a list of chores that are to be finished on a weekly or monthly basis. If you select a weekly basis that seems to be the simplest method for children to adhere to and you can establish a weekly rate for doing so, that way the child knows every week what they will be earning and they can plan accordingly if they need to utilize their funds.

The most important element of paying your child to complete household chores is to see to it that they are doing age-appropriate ones. For example, you may not want your five year old doing the dishes or a load of laundry, but they can certainly put clothes in baskets, stock the fridge, feed pets and wipe off table tops. Many parents create sticker charts to leave on the wall or refrigerator for the little ones to mark off the chores as they complete them and also to show them the progression they have made helping the family. It is a great tool to teach children responsibility, to teach them how earning money works and to teach them the importance of cleaning up after themselves, whether you elect to pay them for the chores or not is entirely up to you.

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