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Suicide In The Teenage Community

Suicide is one of the leading killers in the teenage community. It is a devastating occurrence that not only snuffs out a young life but also leaves the parents and the teen’s friends emotionally crushed and looking for answers. The reasons that teenagers commit suicide are numerous.
A long bout with depression that they has seemingly gone on forever, peer rejection, being overweight, losing a girlfriend or boyfriend or a parent’s divorced can be causes of suicide.

No group of people are immune to teen suicide. It occurs in all types of families, white, black, brown and in all socioeconomic groups. How can it be prevented? Well the sobering answer is that it can not, it will likely always occur but families can make serious and substantive efforts so that the chances that it happens in their own family, is decreased. Here are some tips.

a. Be involved and stay involved: When a teen is depressed they will often want to be left alone. They are probably feeling like no one cares. So instead of giving them more room to be alone and stew, get more involved. Plan family outings, have a movie night, take them to places that they once enjoyed. It doesn’t matter if they don’t engage, just make sure that they are still involved.
b. Monitor their activities: I know that today we live in a culture that discourages parents from getting too involved in their teen’s life. There has been a tremendous push for teen privacy. While teens should have a certain level of privacy, their rooms and their activities should not be completely off limits for parents. They still live in your home and you have a right to know what is going on in your own house. You have probably heard about teenagers who have committed egregious crimes and the authorities find guns and other weapons right in their rooms, unbeknownst to their parents. You also may want to place some sort of software on the computer that tracks what websites are visited. This isn’t to be nosey but to help your teen protect them self from themselves.
c. Maintain Boundaries: Don’t get soft on the boundaries just because your teen is going through a hard time. Maintain curfews and other house rules.

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