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Back to School and Beat those Bullies Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

As the Northern Hemisphere starts back to school and we begin our final term before the summer holidays; I thought it would be good to remind us all about the issue of bully and more importantly how to prevent it. All schools will have an anti-bullying policy but it is also good to train our children [whatever age] to prevent themselves from becoming a victim.

Here are 10 things that a bully looks for, they give him/her a sense of achievement whenever they get this kind of response. The key, therefore, is to learn to avoid showing that their bullying has these effects.

  • Eyes - red, teary, weepy, narrowed, looking down or away.image 1 Back to School and Beat those Bullies
  • Face – white, red, tense muscles.
  • Lips – tight or mouth open.
  • Head – down.
  • Shoulders - slumped, bent over, pulled back.
  • Voice - very quiet, angry, upset, muffled, a grunt.
  • Body Movements - frozen, stuck, paralysed, rigid, fidgeting, walking away.
  • Verbal Retaliation - blabbering, criticizing back, blaming.
  • Feelings - fear, anger, hurt, hate, demonstrated embarrassment, teariness, frustration.
  • Demeanour - doing nothing or being powerless.

Of course many of the reactions are just intuitive and come ‘naturally’, which is why we need to train our children to be counter-intuitive. If the bully doesn’t think they are ‘winning’; ‘on target’; ‘getting to you’ then they will very likely stop.

Let’s help those we love live free from bullying.

[This post was inspired by a Blog Competition by SuperFundraiser Blog.]

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