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Teenage Acne and Helping your Teen Cope

To many people, apart from the one with it, acne can seem trivial but they will see it as a horrible affliction. Most teenagers get acne at some point and in severe cases it can lead to a negative body image and to depression. However there are steps you can take and there are treatments available to help them.

image 21 Teenage Acne and Helping your Teen CopeThere are so many old wives tales and myths that your child may have come across. People may have told them or they may have read them online. So the place to begin is with the facts and for you to share them with your child.

So here are a few things that either cause acne or influence it and make it worse:

  • Genetics – not that we can do anything about them
  • Touching skin – just causes the spread
  • Too much scrubbing
  • Popping the spots – maybe fun but it’s not good for you.

There are other factors that will impact on general health and skin care. They are:

  • Diet – what we put into our bodies has to affect us.
  • Stress – the overall issues of our life
  • Hair shampoo and oils
  • Make up – what we put on our skin gets quickly absorbed.

Proper skin care is a skill that we should teach our children early. face washing using a mild soap twice a day (only twice!) When acne begins to develop but them an over the counter face wash. Of course you may need to experiment until you find the one that works best for you.

If the over the counter fails then don’t hesitate to visit your doctor or a dermatologist. Prescription medicines can be very effective although they can take up to 2 months to take effect so the sooner you act the better. It may cost money but it will make a heap of difference to your child.

Some young people may be embarrassed to talk to their parents about acne so feel free to take the initiative and start early! The first signs are when you should act as the process can be time consuming and the earlier the treatment starts the less serious it is likely to come.

Acne can be difficult for a young person to deal with but it will be a lot easier with your help.

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