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The art of parenting.

Raising a child introduces you to a helter skelter of different
emotions. Just when you think that you have finished the book,
another secret chapter appears that nobody told you about.
There are twists and turns everywhere. It’s not like you can go to a
simage 22 The art of parenting.chool and learn everything in one go. Each child is so different,
and will have his or her unique way of taking on the world.

The thing to remember is not to think that you have to be perfect.
You will make mistakes. That it is just part of the course. Its an
impossible task to get right. What works in raising your first child,
might not even come close with your second. The reason behind
this is simple. Even though the second child may raised under the
same rules and conditions. They may respond in a completely
different way. We are all different creatures. We do not all share
the same thoughts and desires. What makes us individuals, makes
us great. So if as a parent you are sometimes confused. You are far
from alone.

You will find yourself constantly having to think on your feet. As
the rules seem to change right in front of your eyes. Do you know
your child probably feels the same.

Often to them the world is this massive arena full of adults who
are only intent on destroying their visions. By that they mean fun.
So do not expect to be thanked too many times on your journey
through parenthood.

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