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istock 000006638550xsmall 300x199 The Parenting ManualParenting is one of the worlds hardest jobs. For that reason I thought about writing a parenting manual. A basic manual that will show you how to start being a better more productive parent. I hope what took me years to learn will benefit you and your child. May you prosper in your parenting job and may your children prosper and be a success!

A problem that I see with most parents is the loss of control with their children. Now this can happen for various reasons, but the main issue is usually respect. If you don’t respect your child how can you expect them to return it? They can’t return what they don’t receive! Start showing your children respect and never do or say something to them you wouldn’t want them to do to you. Respect must be first given to receive.

Once you have mastered respect and have achieved it with your child it is time to show them independence. While I don’t agree you should just throw them in the pool so to speak, rather you should teach them little by little. Everything should be learned in steps and time.  Their self-reliance will ensure that they have a “go getter” attitude and aren’t lazy. You can’t shelter them forever they will have to eventually leave.

Alright now, we have cover two major parenting “methods”. It is time to dive into actual parenting.

1. Remember to keep the flame between you and your spouse alive and burning. Todays society is riddled with divorces and break-ups, you don’t want to put your child through one of them. It’ll mess up there psyche and can even scar them for life in various ways. Keep your passion alive with your spouse. This will set an example for your child. It shows them that you love your partner and that your partner is a part of your life too.

2. Family time is something you need to arrange on a weekly basis. This can be anything from board games to a movie night. Whatever you believe is suitable for your family do it and don’t be afraid to try new activities. Your children may surprise you with their interests.

3. Keep up with their activities – children will be bouncing around from one activity to the next. Always show interest in whatever they are doing. This is the best way for them to stay connected and close with you. If they feel they can talk about anything to you, then you’re being a good parent. This might not come so easy for some. Keep at it. Not everyone is good at conversation.

4. Always have some alone time. One of the most important things you can do for you and your children is make time for yourself. Let them see you need a breather. A break for the daily life activities. If you have to explain, then do so.

This isn’t the perfect parenting manual, but it is an article to get started. Use them and see the results. Remember to change what you think can be better. Not everyone’s parenting methods work out the same.

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