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The Perfect Parent – I Think Not

Teenagers are almost certainly the most difficult group of human beings to deal with. Within years it seem, our adorable young’s ones mutate into the most stubborn people on the face of the earth. The wavering emotions, demanding attitudes, and endless disrespect collaborate to form the new face of our children, to which we have not yet been introduced. Though the love between us never ceases, life can become challenging as our children progress through these unsound years.

As kids ourselves, most parents probably imagined having the flawless family – respectful kids, a remarkable spouse, and the appreciated status of the perfect parent. Many of these imaginations have been manifested in our mind from stereotypes, seen from common sources such as Television Shows. As a child, I specifically remember idolizing the Walton’s family, and the integrity which followed their family relations.

Fortunately, as I began fostering my own spouse and family, I was presented with a reality check of sorts. I found that, in the real world, trouble arises within the household, particularly among our/ teenage children. In reality, we as parents are disposed to take care of our children, providing them with the needs which accompany this responsibility. With this responsibility, we are dually granted with considerable stress.

With this realization I also found that it was impossible for me to be the perfect parent. Regardless of my intentions, I will always make mistakes as a parent, and so will my child. During the teenage years, I have also matured. While these years have been stressful, they provide a means for seamless transition to adulthood. With each child, I have learned to love and respect them as an individual, though they may not follow the ideals I had in mind.

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  1. Serena Jones-McGregor says:

    I remember being in ninth grade and having to do a report on my role model. At that point in my life I hadn’t really considered who I looked up to. I was too busy with boys and skating rinks and being invited to the coolest parties. It must have taken me the entire weekend to really decide who I idolized the most. Watching Nick at Nite I realized it was Donna Reed. LOL I WISH I were half as patient as she was portrayed to be.


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