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The Transition of Back to School

As the summer hastily nears its end, we as parents must take special heed to out beloved children, as they venture of into a new year of schooling. During this time, we are captivated by the materialistic needs which become present for the approaching year. We often only remember the assorted shopping and scheduling which must take place, in preparation for the beginning of another year of education.

On the other hand, the advancement through school requires more than just materials and new clothes. On top of dealing with new teachers and dissimilar environments, students must worry about other problems which they must face in school. Many children, though they fail to inform parents of their concerns, face continual problems through the course of their day. Even to those parents who are aware of the mental burden which the return to school is accompanied by, these problems can be easily disregarded, due to the difficulty which may be required to solve it.

Especially such, young teenagers will require special attention this fall, as they enter into their first year of high school. The beginning of high school is an event of utmost importance, which serves as a milestone in the life of a teenager. In high school, students are graced with additional privileges, as well as additional responsibility.

Though high school may serve as an eventful happening, it can also be extremely scary to those who are nearing entrance. During this time, it is important for parents to: Be Supportive and Loving, Be Available and Reassuring, Be Supportive and Loving, and Set Routines and Limits.

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One Response to “The Transition of Back to School”

  1. Serena Jones-McGregor says:

    High school is even scarier for teens now. The amount of violence that goes on is enough to frighten anyone. So many schools have had to implement metal detectors to even walk through the door. It’d definitely not what it used to be. :-(


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