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Tips for helping your child eat healthy

For some families a home cooked meal is not easy to come by every evening. Busy schedules pose daily challenges to make wise food choices and steer clear of the drive through windows. Helping your child eat healthy may not be an easy task for some parents that have picky eaters at home, but there are some really useful tips to get you through this phase.

The simplest method to teach your child anything in life is to lead by example. Just as there are children who hate eating green vegetables, there are also adults who would rather not eat them as well. When children observe their parents making healthy food choices, they mimic that habit. The same theory applies to eating what is available in the home; your children will consume unhealthy foods throughout the day if that is all that is available for them. Choose to keep wise food options for snacking as well as meals stocked at home and then you gain back the control over their eating habits. Snacking is a huge issue that can lead to childhood obesity and is often done when they are bored. To avoid overeating and snacking on junk foods, purchase snacks that are healthy that you know your child likes and show them what is available when they need a snack.

image 13 Tips for helping your child eat healthy
Eating the right foods is not just a habit that needs to be taught, it is a way of life that every child needs to grasp before they reach adulthood. Teach the child that you eat to provide fuel for your body to get through the day and to concentrate better overall. Work with any peculiar likes your child may have to make the transition away from junk foods to healthier ones as smooth as possible for them. For example, children especially smaller ones under the age of six-enjoy eating foods that are simple for them to feed themselves. Put finger snacks such as cut up apple slices, dry cereals, and crackers in small plastic bowls or plastic lunch bags for them to munch on. Place their meals and snacks on dishware that doesn’t imply a safety precaution such as ceramic dishes and choose to feed them on plastic, more child-friendly plates and bowls or even purchase a few of their favorite bowls or silverware to encourage them to be attracted to their foods. One study was completed by a mother of an Autistic child that absolutely refused to eat foods if they were not round in shape where the Mother purchased cookie cutters and made all her child’s foods in the shape of a circle and he ate anything, vegetables and all at that point.

It’s all the presentation when you are helping your child eat healthy. Make your child’s meals and snacks as appealing as possible and they will be more likely to give it a try. Always encourage them to choose the right foods when they aren’t at home as well, and once the children have made the switch from junk to healthy foods they will have increased energy, sleep better at night and have improved focus with their studies as well.

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