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Tips for Parenting Teenagers

Along with the countless joys that come with parenting, there are also significant hardships that can at times be very stressful and even heartbreaking. One of the most challenging child rearing periods is the teenage years. During this time, your child is going through so many changes both physically and emotionally, and they most likely will encounter many challenging obstacles as they make the transition from a child to a young adult. Some of the difficult feelings that your teenager may be coping with are angst, rebelliousness, heartbreak, or feeling like they are misunderstood or don’t fit in. Dealing with these feelings can often cause teenagers to become disrespectful or distant from their parents. If you are a parent of a teenager who is interested in learning about how to make their child’s transition into adulthood as smooth as possible, then you are going to want to read this blog as it offers useful parenting tips that can help you establish a more stable and loving relationship with your teenager.

Tip 1: Strive to create an environment of unconditional love and acceptance for your teenager. The teenage years are filled with insecurities and feelings of self-consciousness. For the most part, teenagers just want to feel like they fit in. While it will be difficult for parents to manage whether or not their teenagers feel accepted at school or in social environments among their peers, what they can do is build a loving and accepting atmosphere at home among family members where their teenagers can feel free to be themselves and know that they will always be loved no matter what. This will help create a strong foundation of solid self-worth for teenagers. So, even if they are having difficulties fitting in with their peers, they will know that they have a safe and caring environment to turn to in their homes.

Tip 2: Parents should reward their teenagers’ honesty. Seeing as many teenagers go through rebellious and experimental phases, it is likely that as a parent you will have to deal with your teenager engaging in some misconduct, which can include things like drug and alcohol use. If you find yourself in this type of situation, it is important to establish an open line of communication. You want your teenager to feel comfortable enough to talk to you if they are in trouble. This can prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. In order to help open the lines of communication, it is advisable to explain to teenagers that if they are in trouble, speaking honestly about the situation will lead to rewards and if they commit a wrongdoing but confess to it, then their punishment will be less severe. This parenting approach will help to open communication as well as to allow teenagers to see the positive remunerations of being honest. Moreover, parents should be honest with their teenagers too. If parents are open about their mistakes and are able to admit when they are wrong, then their teenagers will be much more likely to be open about their struggles.

Tip 3: Leave the past in the past. When parents bring up their teenagers’ past misdemeanors or wrongdoings to make a point, they are employing shame as a disciplining strategy. This is not a good way to create an environment of unconditional love and acceptance. In continuously reminding teenagers of their failures, parents are defining their teenagers not by who they are but by what they have done. It is important for parents to actively show their teenagers that they are forgiven for their mistakes so that their teenagers can learn from their lapses and not be filled with a sense of shame and low self-worth. In the act of forgiving their teenagers, parents will be communicating the message that the merit of the person is greater than the value of the offence.

Being a parent is without a doubt one of the most rewarding experiences an individual can have, but it is also one that will be filled with plenty of moments where you want to scream, cry, and bang your head against the wall. Being a parent to a teenager can be especially trying. As a result, keep the aforementioned tips in mind to the best of your ability and they will help guide you to a smoother passage through your child’s teenage years.


3 Responses to “Tips for Parenting Teenagers”

  1. Serena Jones-McGregor says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to leave the past in the past. Especially if a teen repeats the same mistakes over and over. Teens tend to respect parents more when they ARE punished for wrong doings.


  2. Nigel says:

    Appropriate punsihment for wrong doings is a must – the art is not using the past failures in a verbal battle way beyond the use by date of the original error.


  3. says:

    The internet is so full of with all sorts of BS, it’s tough to find any good content nowadays… thanks for standing out ;)


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