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Tips for Parenting Teenagers

Annette Paxman Bowen writes a great post about connecting with teens [it is excepted from a letter she received. Some of the tips included:

  • Support their interests
  • let your home be the gathering place
  • Look for something to praise and compliment every single day
  • natural consequences for choices and behaviours
  • Reflective listening is powerful
  • Have them check in with you when they come home
  • Let them have complete stewardship of their rooms
  • Have fun with them every single week
  • Laugh a lot
  • Talk (and listen) a lot

Actually all the tips were so good I included every one of them!

Go check it out here.

2 Responses to “Tips for Parenting Teenagers”

  1. Annie says:

    Hi Nigel,
    Thanks for linking to our site! We’ve had some visitors click over from this post, which is how I found you. I wanted to clarify that I received the letter from Annette; the letter is entirely her ideas and words.

    Love your parenting teenagers site here! Thanks,
    Annie (editor & host at Letters to a Parent)


  2. Nigel says:

    No worries, Annie – glad you had some visitors popping over.


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