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Toddler and a new baby

When a child is very young, the world is a strange place. All
emotions are new, and lessons are being learnt on a daily basis. If
that child is the first born, he or she will have had their parents to
themselves for some time. A new arrival on the scene changes
everything. This can be a very stressful time for the toddler. For
the first time in their life, they don’t have the undivided
attention of its mother. These new feelings can manifest
themselves into behaviour problems. Its not uncommon to see disruptive patterns developing at this time in their lives. Basically
they are trying to get back the focus of attention onto themselves.image 25 Toddler and a new baby

So how do you go about minimising the affects of this kind of

You can not wipe out all signs of jealousy, and its important not
over do your efforts in this. It is a natural emotion. Far better to
understand why it has made its presence felt in your child. Do not
get angry with the toddler, this will only help to make their feeling
more deep rooted. Often the child will only need reassurance that
you still love them just as much as before. It is a normal part of
growing up.
Of course you can begin the education long before the birth. Just
remember that you toddler does not have the same capacity to
understand future events in the same way as you do. Talk about
their new brother or sister in a way that makes them feel involved.
If they do not seem interested, its just because they are processing
the information differently than you do. Encourage them to join in
Make the whole event part of their lives. Ask them what names
they like. What do they want the baby to grow up to be. Ask them
about how they feel. It really is all about involvement as much as

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