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Understanding your Teenage Child

8318 130052469077 83761889077 2334722 6759777 n 300x225 Understanding your Teenage ChildThere are many different things that happen to a person when they are a teenager. A lot of adults and parents will find that once their child reaches the age of around 13 or 14, they will start to become a little moody and will be much more difficult to handle. A lot of parents don’t really handle their teenage children in a good way, and will often get angry with them if they are not doing as they are told or are being moody. We have to remember however, that the teenager cannot help this; this is due to a change inside the childs body. Basically, being a teenager is the process that we all need to go through in order to become an adult, so of course there will be many changes.

At this fragile age, the teenager’s brains are still developing, especially in terms of reasoning skills and skills that allow them to make sense of everything. We must remember that we all had to go through this difficult time and that it is not as easy as we may remember.

One of the main things that you will notice when your child becomes a teenagers is that it will seem like they have become lazy and will often sleep well into the day. Although this might look to us adults like your child has just decided not to do anything with his/her time, it cannot be helped. On average, teenagers will need around 9 and a half hours sleep per night, this is much more than a fully developed adult needs and it is due to the cognitive development of the brain.

So before you ‘have a go’ at your child for being moody or for staying in bed until the early hours of the afternoon, just remember that you need to treat them in a fragile manner.

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