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What items do you need for your new baby?

There are so many baby product available that it can seem a little
daunting for the new parent at first. Do you really need
everything? Are you just falling for clever marketing? You could
find yourself investing in items that never get used. So I hope this
list will point you in the right direction. I feel that these are the
most important items for your newborn.
Clothing. Clothing is obviously essential, but do not make the
mistake of buying too many. Babies grow very quickly and you
will end up with items that can not be used. One piece baby
suits,socks and bonnets are useful. Obviously if its cold a jacket
would be a good buy.. You will need a shawl and blankets as well.
Nursery things. A cot, a mattress, blankets and sheets are all must
have items. You may want to buy toys and mobiles to hang over
the cot, but these items are not essential. Your neimage 26 What items do you need for your new baby?wborn baby needs
comfort, feeding, warmth and love above all else. So if money is
tight. Direct it in those areas first. Think practical. Does it have a
real use? will it be used? The answer to those questions could save
you a lot of money.
Baby care items. Babies have very delicate skin and so will have products designed especially for them. It really is important to use
those types of products. Your health care worker or midwife will
advise you on this. A thermometer is an item that many new
parents would not think of, but it can save you from worrying
needlessly when the baby is crying but not really ill.
Diapers are essential and you have choices in these. Disposables
are easier but not green friendly. Cotton ones mean more work,
because you have to wash them, but also cheaper in the long run
because you do not need to keep buying new ones.
Feeding equipment. This will depend on if the baby is being
breastfed or bottle fed. If feeding naturally, then nursing bras and
special pillows will be on the list. If bottle fed, you will find teats
and bottles a must buy. Along with sterilising equipment.
Teething rings will be used at a later date. Sooner than you think.
Along with a play mat. Your budget will decide just how many
toys or educational products you buy. If you own a car, then you
will need a car seat and a travel diaper bag.
I hope this list helps you make up your mind just how your going
to spend your money. Your baby really needs warmth, food and
love above all else.

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