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What steps to take when your child is obese

When your child is obese, life can become somewhat of a struggle for that child as well as the parents. Childhood obesity is increasing everyday and there are many reasons for this rapid climb in today’s youth gaining weight. The first is the most obvious, with every child having at least five electronic devices to entertain themselves with at home every day they no longer have the desire to go outside and play. When the physical activities of a child are drastically decreased, they have a higher chance of gaining weight and they become lazier people overall, but while it’s certainly up to the parents’ discretion to limit their child’s video game playing engaging in these activities on occasion is fine in moderation.

Keep your children motivated to stay active by suggesting they play outside, go for a walk with a neighborhood friend or simply by playing a game of basketball with them in your own driveway. Much like anything in life, children without a doubt learn from examples their parents display in front of them. If you are involved in sports and exercise frequently, chances are so is your child. Make time to stay active together as it can not only keep you and your child healthy, but it can also be a great time to bond with your children as well.

image 16 What steps to take when your child is obese
Having an obese child often results in many other health ailments other than excessive weight gain. Children can obtain asthma, back pains, knee pains, joint problems, sleep apnea, diabetes and depression all from gaining a few extra pounds. These ailments and the additional weight gain can all be diminished with a few simple lifestyle changes.

The first step a parent needs to take when your child is obese is to consult with your child’s pediatrician, and the reason for this is to ensure there are no other health issues with your child that are enabling the weight gain. If no outside issues are found, then you must take action and formulate a plan to stop the cycle so your child can be healthy again. Evaluate their eating patterns, if they eat when they are bored or home alone then provide healthy snack choices and encourage them to engage in other activities that don’t involve sitting on the couch or in front of the computer. Get your child on a schedule that displays when they should be eating, what they should be eating and when they should be doing physical activities. If your child enjoys a particular sport then perhaps you should encourage them to join a team for their school as this will not only help them lose weight, but it will help them excel socially and maybe even gain a few new friendships in the process. If the child is older and in their teen years there may very well be an issue that is emotionally bothering the child and causing them to reach for the snacks as a form of comfort. In those cases, sit down and speak with your child openly and compassionately advise them to come to you with any concerns with their friends or at school. After a few weeks of eating healthy and getting more activity your child will become more energetic, have better sleeping patterns and gain more self-esteem which are all traits every parent wants for their child.

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