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What to do to help your child as you move home

Helping your child as you move home can pose a few challenges, but in many cases it opens the doors to communicate with your children and provide them with a better understanding of how life can take certain twists and turns and how to implement changes successfully. This topic can be reflected in two separate theories, the first is if you are moving home as in back with your parents and the other is if your child is moving back in with you. Both scenarios seem to be occurring rather frequently in many households across the globe and that’s due mostly to economic standards and how challenging it can be to keep up with them for many folks.

image 14 What to do to help your child as you move homeIf you are moving back into your parent’s home with your child or children, then prepare them for it as far in advance as possible. Children do not like surprises such as this especially if they are teenagers as they will most likely be transferring schools and that can be something they want nothing to do with. Inform your children if this will be a temporary housing arrangement and focus on the positives of the move. They may now have the opportunity to spend more time with their grandparents and have the ability to still remain in contact with their friends from their former school if that interests them. Encourage them to embrace change as life is full of it as adults and at some point they must learn that with every change in their lives they learn and grow as people from them. Ensure them that they will make new friends and that every town has its benefits as they may even like it better than where they came from. Also it is important to make sure the children follow rules when in your parent’s home as it should be respected and they should equally respect their grandparents and their space.

When you have an older child that is moving home from college or simply as a young adult until they get on their feet- then there are specific ways to cope with this situation as well. If your child is simply moving back home as a break from college or perhaps they’ve recently graduated and haven’t established themselves thus far, then that is typically just a temporary arrangement. For that situation you just need to set any rules you would like the child to abide by and follow through accordingly. Keep in mind the college kids have lived on their own and not had limitations for months, so don’t treat them as children but some responsibility should be still be upheld on their part. If you have a child that is an adult and they are moving back in with you then set the same rules you wish to be followed and do realize that they are adults now. Perhaps it’s for financial reasons or even a divorce that has resulted in your child moving back home, but be understanding and guide them to make a successful transition back into the worked on their own.

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