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What to do when the police knock on your door

When you become a parent you can expect many joyful moments raising a child, but their certainly are just as many surprises guiding a child and how you handle them will determine what type of parent and disciplinarian you desire to be. When children are smaller they get in trouble for trivial situations and it is merely a part of growing up and attempting to push boundaries. As children get older they continue to push those boundaries and it is the duty of the parent to decide if they will allow the child to continue breaking rules or not. Teenagers can end up in some troublesome scenarios and even get tangled up in the law or a visit to the principal’s office, and just as a precaution every parent should know what to do when the police knock on your door.

The first thing is not to panic even though that may seem like an instant reaction that is unpreventable, you must keep your composure and be realistic about the situation. It is imperative to remain calm and listen to what the police officers have to relay to you as the parent as there will be plenty of time to react later. Depending on the complexity of what your child has engaged in to get into trouble, being angry and thinking irrationally will get you nowhere. Naturally, every parent in this situation will be upset, angry and even sad, but formulating a plan to repair the situation is the priority at this time.

image What to do when the police knock on your door
Before you consult with your child regarding the occurrence, you need to retrace their steps when the trouble began. If your child went out with friends yesterday and engaged in some form of mischief, then think about how they acted and presented themselves to you prior to leaving the house that day. If they appeared worried or not themselves then you know they anticipated the event taking place prior to leaving. That is the best case scenario for a parent to work with, this implies that your child knew what they were getting into and still went which provides you with a base to discuss the issue. Speak to them regarding better decision making skills and how important it is to surround themselves with people that don’t place them in those types of situations. Formulate a plan of consequences that is firm enough to ensure this type of activity doesn’t occur again. It’s one thing to have your child fight with their siblings or another child in school, it’s a completely different ballgame when the police are involved and they come to your home.

The route of discipline you elect to take will set the tone for how often your child will be likely to engage in such activity later down the line. It will also make a statement for any younger siblings living in the home to not mirror such behavior as it will not be tolerated. It is completely normal for all children to push limits and in many cases it is cry for attention. Spend more time with your child and try to always talk to them openly and voice their concerns regarding peer pressure and how to avoid becoming a victim of it.

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