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When They Don’t Want to Go on the Family Holiday

angry boy 420x0 300x199 When They Don’t Want to Go on the Family HolidayKids can create an immense amount of frustration on a regular basis. They throw tantrums and outright refuse to do what they are told, even if it’s for their own good. But what do you do when they refuse to buy into the idea of taking part in the family holiday? There are strategies you can use to eliminate or at least dramatically reduce the struggle to get your kids to go. You shouldn’t have to bribe, force, threaten or manipulate them into participating in this opportunity for family bonding. You will see the advantages of using these strategies and will be happy you did.

If we take the time to explain to our kids the benefits of going on a family holiday instead of yelling and forcing them to go, it will make the trip a lot easier for everyone to tolerate. One such benefit is the memories that you all will take away from the experience. You should remind them that it’s not often you all get to spend a lot of time with each other and that this is just one way of doing so. Besides, what happens when they grow older and have their own families? Not only won’t they have the time to spend with Mom and Dad but it would also be great to relive their own stories to their kids and grandkids. A holiday together will also help the family to know each other better and foster a closer family bond.

Taking a family holiday away from the normal hustles and bustles of life will also help them to de-stress and get ready for school and other activities. It can also result in a learning tool. They can learn interesting things from first hand experience. They can learn about different cultures, food, geography, the environment and so much more. Isn’t that better than having to learn about that stuff through homework?

Giving your children the chance to air their views about their hesitations to take a family holiday will provide you with reasoning tools to convince them otherwise. You can organize a family meeting which allows them to state what their fears and concerns giving you the opportunity to address them in an open forum.

Your child/children should be given the chance to help choose the destination of the vacation and if that is non-negotiable, they should be involved in the planning of the activities. This will make them feel involved as opposed to being made to do what they aren’t interested in.

If they still aren’t buying into the idea, then make the holiday at least tolerable for them. Encourage them, if possible, to bring their favorite music, games, books, etc. You can even appoint them as family photographer. This will get them more involved in the activities on the holiday. They can even be the family’s memory keeper. They can keep a journal and look out for cool souvenirs.

When you offer the benefits of a family holiday, make it worth something for them, get them involved, give them the opportunity to help plan the event and a chance to air their views, what kid would still be opposed? Kids need to know that a positive experience can be made out of anything that seems negative and once the positive aspect is found, it will change their perceptions of the event.

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