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When they want to get a Tattoo

500x 72545103 400x256 300x192 When they  want to get a TattooSo, your child tells you they want to get a tattoo. Do you yell, blame their friends, tell them no way, not as long as they’re under your roof, or lock them away?  Probably not a good idea to do any of these.  Within the last decade or so, tattoos have become very popular, especially among celebrities and others in the entertainment industry.  These are some of the people your child probably admires.  Getting a tattoo is usually about self-expression as children want to do something that shows how they feel.  If you are okay with them getting a tattoo then fine, but if you’re not, there are a couple of things you might try to dissuade them.

Before dealing with the issue try and gauge how you think your child will handle your response. This can be done only if you know your child well. This is not likely to be your first crisis and it certainly won’t be your last, so try and remember how you have dealt with others in the past.

Is your child introspective and not likely to do things hastily or without serious thought? Or, do they tend to be rebellious and do the opposite of what you tell them? Are they greatly influenced by friends and likely not try to think things through for themselves?

If your child is more introspective, it’s likely they did not come to the decision on a whim.  It would be more productive if you try to talk it over with them and try to understand why they came to that decision and what they hope to achieve.  Trying to come down too hard is not likely to work with this one; it’s probably better to try and reach a compromise.

If your child is rebellious and usually likes to defy you, perhaps a little reverse psychology might work.  Tell them that it’s okay for them to get the tattoo; you really have no problem with it.  Chances are they will not get it just so that they do the opposite of what you want them to.  There is no guarantee it will work, but it’s certainly worth a try.

For children who tend to be followers you have to get to their leader.  Try and speak to the friend who has the real influence.  You can perhaps lay down the law with this one and tell them that they have to obey what you say as long as they’re under your roof.  They will probably be very angry, but they will consult their peers before doing anything rash;  hopefully by then they would have realized their error.

It is possible that no matter what you try your child will decide to get a tattoo.  In this case, try to have some influence by ensuring that they get a very small one and place it in an obscure location.  You might not be happy, but it is a compromise under the circumstances and, when you think about it, getting a tattoo is not the worst thing your child could decide to do.

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