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Why Computer Skills are Important to Your Teenager

beginners computer training class 300x200 Why Computer Skills are Important to Your TeenagerMost teenagers will glue themselves to their computers every chance they get.  There are hundreds of reasons why a teenager should be using the computer.  Some of these reasons you embrace and others you do not.

Schools everywhere are teaching children how to use computers, sometimes as early as kindergarten.  When we were growing up, we saw AOL as nothing more than an elaborate telephone call.  However, computers are the way of the future and having your child know how to use one is crucial.

Due to schools weighing heavy on computer usage, many students are left without a choice when it comes to doing a specific assignment on a computer.  This day and age, teens are expected to know how to write assignments, take notes, do research, and even create Power Point presentations.  Aside from all this, the reasons for teens needing to know how to use computers are endless.

With the use of the computer a teenager can make very professional quality presentations due to the versatility of Power Point.  Using photos, moving text, and sound effects to get the most out of their presentation and audience has become an important aspect to living in the business world.

The Internet also creates a plethora of information, social networking, gaming, and access to just about anything imaginable.  Using sites like MySpace, FaceBook, sending emails, instant messaging, file sharing, and countless other things on the Web can keep the attention of a teenager for hours on end and it gets them away from the television as an added bonus.

Always remember to teach your children about Internet safety.  Only visit trustworthy sites, talk only to people they know in chatrooms, and remind them people can be anything they want to be on the Web and the “never talk to strangers” still applies even if you can’t see them.

Computers can also help teenagers find part time work or internships.  It can also give them insight to just about any career interest they might have.

Computers have reformatted our entire society and teens need to be able to use them in order to survive in what the world will become.  They have changed, or are changing, everything we know and it only benefits someone to know how to use one.

Computers are a very necessary part of life these days and teens need to be able to use them in order to lead rich, fulfilled lives.

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