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Young People Going Online For the News

A recent study has found that young people do not read traditional newspapers. Instead, they only scan the headlines. Instead, they are more likely to and turn to online news outlets. Traditional, offline newspapers have been struggling every since the internet has grown in popularity. Advertising revenue has been on the decline every since.

With younger people not finding much use for hard copy newspapers, the future seems bleak. Newspapers will have to find ways to engage the youth if they want to survive. Many newspapers have already gone online to try to stay relevant. However, national news carriers such as CNN and various social networking sites are getting the bulk of online news traffic.

Online news outlets are able to update the news as soon as it happens. This gives them a huge advantage over offline papers that send out information only one time a day. However, there is some real merit to local, offline newspapers. They have a lot of good information and a lot can be learned from them especially about what is going on in one’s particular city. Parents who want to encourage their teens to read the regular newspaper more, may want to assign their children a weekly newspaper report. This forces kids to read and learn about what is going on in their city or state. Many papers often have a money section. This is a great place for kids to pick up money management skills, skills that will come in handy for them as they get older.

One Response to “Young People Going Online For the News”

  1. Serena Jones-McGregor says:

    Unfortunately I find it difficult to requests my children to do things I myself don’t do. Once our local newspaper went online I quit buying and reading the hard copy altogether. For me, everything that’s put in the actual newspaper, minus the advertisements, (which I don’t care for anyway), is on the online site. I just see it as throwing money away to pay for something I can get for free.


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